We specialize in the transport of perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, frozen foods and goods requiring high quality of transportation such as radio and television articles, household appliances, small electronics. It requires professional equipment from us and highly qualified Staff.

Bearing in mind the safety and well-being of our customers, any goods we carry is covered with. We have a fleet of sets: tractor + semitrailer refrigerated.

Our trucks are equipped with:

– engines of 460-500 horsepower;

– mobile phones / communicators to keep in touch with the company and customers;

– Track and Trace system, giving a view of the transport in real time.


Semi trailers with a capacity of 33 or 66 europallets are equipped with:

– ThermoKing refrigeration units, capable of transporting goods at temperatures between -30 and 30°C;

– temperature recorders;

– boxes for a full set of 33 europallets;

– DoubleDeck system.

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