Our team

PHU Elkor is first of all people.

A man is our customer and a man is responsible for providing a service. That is why we try to create “Elkor community” with a common goal and lasting bonds.

Our customers and employees have been with us for years and have great confidence in us. Mutual understanding, respect and openness supports the performance of the entire organization.


The high demands placed by our industry on drivers are reflected in the qualifications of our employees. In addition to certificates of professional competence, you need knowledge and experience. We particularly help novice drivers to acquire the necessary skills and the support of a mentor/co-driver is significant in this area.


The forwarding department of Elkor is a team of specialists working together for over 10 years. These people know foreign languages, transport law, drivers’ working time regulations and the rules of carriage of various types of cargo. Every freight forwarder is committed to the satisfaction of both their customers and their team of drivers. An individually tailored training process supports the success of our trainees in TSL.


Administrative work may seem like mission impossible, but without it our actions would have no chance of success. For our accountants, human resources staff, invoice department or fleet department, it’s a challenging job in a constantly evolving environment. The friendly, homely atmosphere brings a smile even to everyday chores.


The low age of our fleet and regular maintenance contribute to minimizing the failure rate of our fleet. However, there are still some things that need to be done in the workshop, such as changing consumable parts.

Sometimes you get the impression that it is difficult to call some vehicles “motor vehicles” anymore, many components are separate computers, so their operation is monitored by separate specialized manufacturers’ services.

We are a family-run business and therefore we understand very well the need to find a balance between work and private life. As management, we strive to support our employees in achieving their personal goals.

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