Transport forwarding

We specialize in the transport

of perishable goods

PHU Elkor’s scope of activity includes widely understood forwarding and refrigerated transport services within the European Union. The main directions of our transports are Germany, France, Holland and Belgium. Occasionally, we also carry out orders in Poland. Our priority is to satisfy our customers' needs as much as possible.

Cooperation with specialists

Many years of experience in fruit and vegetable storage is one of our greatest assets. Each of our employees has the appropriate certificate of professional competence from the Chief Inspector of Road Transport.


and security

Carriage of goods in a tight, rigid body and many years of work in the industry guarantee the highest safety of goods. The Truck and Trace system we use provides real-time information on the progress of the service. We are also open to direct information sharing with our clients which makes the integration of our and our clients' IT systems a standard for us.

Highest hygiene standards

With our procedures, we ensure that goods are transported in accordance with HACCP or IFS standards, and the continuous registration of temperature in the cargo space excludes the occurrence of undesirable situations in the transport of foodstuffs or even medicines.

Assistance of a dedicated forwarding agent

Each customer can count on their dedicated account manager/ forwarder who is a specialist in refrigerated transport and has direct contact with drivers. The "single point of contact" principle guarantees high quality and fast service.

Individual customer requirements

We take an individual approach to each order, trying to perform all tasks in a reliable, organized and efficient manner, so that we can carry the goods in appropriate conditions.

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